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Coming Soon!

Below are some of our current projects, or projects we will be starting soon.


Please check back often to see "whats new".

Laird Estates


Welcome to Berkey Home Builders Laird Estates Community, more specifically, our 'Fifty-Five and Older' Townhome units. Laird Esates will be an exciting project for us this year! The project is planned to begin later this year (2016). There will be 64 total units available (32 buildings, each with two separate dwellings.) These are modeled from our very popular and very functional 3-Plex units recently built on Meacham Drive in Pleasant Hill. Each unit has been designed to accommodate popular upgrades (such as a gas corner fireplace or rear covered deck/sunroom.)


These units will be built in Altoona, conveniently located near the Prairie Vista Village retirement community.


The images above are to be a close representation of what the finished homes will look like. Colors, roof pitch, and roof elevations are subject to change.

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