Why should you choose Berkey Home Builders? Let us show you.

There are many reasons you should choose a builder that's right for you.  Building a home is an emotional journey, and we understand that. Here at Berkey, we listen to what you are looking for in order to create the home you have in mind. We meet with you directly and work with you to customize your house so it is specific for you, making it your home. Quality is standard when building with us as we strive to provide excellent service, exceptional products, and great customer service. Our goal is to make this emotional process as smooth as possible. One of the ways to do this, is to provide a service to allow you to see your future home through visual imaging.

Custom Home Design Service Capabilities:

We understand some people may not be able to "see" the project as it will look when completed. Our in-house designer is able to provide 3D views for our more visual customers. After choosing your plan, if you so choose, we can place furniture in the plan, apply materials, and create a realistic 3D Rendering.


See the examples below of how we can make your project come to life, months before you move in!

We will work with you to design a custom plan that meets your specific needs. From there, we can begin to tailor certain aspects and create a visual tool for your comfort and convenience.


Once all upgrades have been selected, we can begin adding them to the plans.


To take it a step further and after material/color selections have been made, if you would like to see what your home may look like (renderings are for illustrative purposes only), we can provide that service. We can place furniture in the plan, as seen in the image to the left, and select a "camera view" (shown in yellow to the left) to see a 3D perspective of the space.



*This service is offered in a Custom Home Package (includes 2 colored renderings).


**This service is available at additional costs in a Built to Order Package.







See next image below to see the result.

After generating a 3D View, we can use the colors and materials you selected in the Color Selections Meeting, and apply them to the view.


See next image below to see the result.

Lastly, we will "Render" the view to make it even more realistic and add some finishing touches, creating an image of what your future home could look like.


See next image below to see the final result.


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