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Meet our team


Our Berkey Home Builders team is comprised of a sincere, talented group of individuals who are extremely dedicated and passionate about what they do.  Our goal is to create a positive customer experience, deliver exceptional service, and create a beautiful, well-crafted home that will stand the test of time.


We are proud of the people we employ and encourage you to check out the team we have built.

Berkey Home Builders Material
Eric Berkey

Eric Berkey founded Berkey Home Builders in 2002, and for the past decade has been building quality homes for Central Iowa homebuyers. Eric worked his way up through the construction business, gaining experience both as a craftsman and a businessman.


Eric understands the need to fully manage a project to meet a client’s expectations. He believes in a hands-on management style, open communication and is fully engaged in the construction process from beginning to end.

Berkey Home Builders Custom Mudroom Built-in
Lori Berkey
Project Manager

As Project Manager, Lori is immersed in the project from start to finish.  Her focus is on scheduling vendors to coordinate timely project completion.  She works closely with our vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page.  


She also works directly with realtors, lenders as well as appraisers throughout the process seeing it through to closing.  Her goal is to have  each project turn out exactly how it was intended to.

Berkey Home Builders Interior Design Color and Plans

Residential Designer/
Marketing Coordinator
Berkey Home Builders Building Materials
Bret Weitzell
Field Manager

As our Field Manager, Bret supervises the project from footings to sod covering every step in between.  Drawing from his extensive carpentry background, Bret is able to manage and coordinate the many moving pieces  on the job site.  He ensures our vendor partners maintain the level of quality we are known for.


At the completion of each project, Bret will host the Final Walkthrough prior to closing and provide answers to any questions. 

Berkey Home Builders Estimate and Bid Projects
Kirby Caraveo

Kirby works diligently behind-the-scenes for not only Berkey Home Builders, but also for our sister companies as an estimator.  He works directly with our preferred vendor partners securing pricing, accepting bids, submitting building permits and project audits .  Kirby also provides estimates for customer upgrades and supports communication to the field during the building process.   



Craftsman and Vendors

Berkey Home Builders employs the finest craftsman in the business. The specialized skills these artisans contribute are integral to the building process. We work with very talented people and are proud to back them with our name.


The contributions of our vendors are also beholden to our company philosophy. When we partner with a vendor it is because they are first in class. Eric’s ability to cultivate extensive, long-term relationships with vendors translates into a better value and higher quality home. Our clients and their families will appreciate this for many years to come

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