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What to expect with Berkey...


From an initial meeting to final walkthrough, Berkey Home Builders strives to provide the best service to make your house a place you are proud to call home.


The building process is very exciting, especially when you understand how the process works, and know what to expect. We are happy to answer questions regarding your future home, but feel free to become familiar with the below items during construction to see if questions can be answered here first!

Altoona Berkey Home Builders Poured Foundation Walls
Breaking Ground/Foundation


Berkey proudly uses our own excavating crew for site preparation and foundation work. The crew levels the site, puts up wooden forms to serve as a template for the foundation, and digs the holes and trenches. Footings (structures where the house interfaces with the earth that supports it) are installed. 


If the home has a full basement, the hole is dug, the footings are formed and poured, and the foundation walls are formed and poured. Once concrete is poured into the holes and trenches, it will need time to cure. During this period, there will be no activity on the construction site.


After the concrete is cured, the crew applies a waterproofing membrane to the foundation walls; installs drains, sewer and water taps and any plumbing that needs to go into the basement floor; and backfills excavated dirt into the hole around the foundation wall. 

Berkey Home Builders New Construction Framing Altoona Iowa


The floor systems, walls and roof systems are completed (collectively known as the shell or skeleton of the house). Plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing is applied to the exterior walls and roof, and windows and exterior doors are installed.


The sheathing is then covered with a protective barrier known as a house wrap (Berkey proudly chooses Tyvek); it prevents liquid water from infiltrating the structure, while allowing water vapor to escape. This reduces the likelihood of mold and wood rot.



Berkey Home Builders Altoona Des Moines Iowa New Home Construction
Interior/Exterior work


During this phase, there will be a lot of work going on in your home.


Once the framing/house wrap is finished, siding and roofing can be installed. At the same time, the electrical and plumbing contractors start running pipes and wires through the interior walls, ceilings and floors. 


Ductwork is installed for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. HVAC vent pipes are installed through the roof, and insulation is installed in the floors, walls and ceilings.


After the roofing goes on, the house is considered “dried in.” The electrician then installs receptacles for outlets, lights and switches and runs wires from the breaker panel to each receptacle. Insulation is then installed throughout the home.


Drywall is hung, mud and taped and finally textured. Please avoid visiting the interior of the home around this time. The primer coat of paint is applied and painting commences shortly after. Exterior finishes such as stone may be installed as well.

Berkey Home Builders Atloona Beautiful Kitchen Design New Home
Color Selections


When ground breaks on your new home, you will sit down with our in-house Interior Designer, Brit Bell. During this meeting you will pick out all interior and exterior finishes, colors, and materials.  We will show you our samples of Granite options, Cabinet colors/styles, Paint Colors, Tile and Carpets, and other relevant selections. These selections will be signed and sent out for reference for everyone involved with the project to maintain consistency and understanding throughout.


After drywall is finished, these selections will be implemented. We provide quality throughout, and trust in our craftsman to provide these final touches to make your home exactly how you pictured.



Beautiful custom Berkey Home Builders built exterior in Altoona
Final Walkthroughs


A Berkey representative will walk you through your new home to acquaint you with its features and the operation of various systems and components, and explain your responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep as well as warranty coverage and procedures. Any last minute pending items will be discussed and addressed by the closing date. 



Welcome home!

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