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"This was the first time going through the new construction process. Prior to this process I constantly heard 'if you build a new home you will never want to do it again.' I was extremely impressed with the communication when drawings and construction didn't line up. Several options were brought forward that would allow me to hit budget and still have superior quality. Without a doubt I would build another home and Berkey Home Builders will be my company of choice."



Berkey Home Builders Altoona Des Moines Iowa New Construction

"It has almost been a year since we have moved into our new home and Jennifer and I wanted to let you know we could not be happier. The entire process was easy and completely enjoyable. From the very beginning, Eric was great to deal with. He was honest and up front about all the expenses and the time frame we should expect the home to be complete. You hear horror stories from people about their experiences in building their home. They say their home closed 2 months after it was supposed to, or their home ended up costing more at the end than was promised. The experience was just the opposite with you. Our home closed on the date we agreed upon, and was exactly the price you told us. Even when we added a few extras, like the fireplace in the basement or the covered deck, you gave me the price and it never changed. The entire building process was as easy as you promised and we absolutely love the home you built. Thank you so much for everything and feel free to give anyone my number. I would be happy to share my experience with them."



Tim and Jennifer

Berkey Home Builders Altoona Des Moines Iowa New Construction

"Being relatively new to the home building experience, we were so pleased we decided to build with Berkey Home Builders. Eric was with us the entire step of the way, and made sure we had all of the information we needed before decisions had to be made. From the foundation on up, we feel we maximized our value in craftsmanship and quality. I would recommend Eric and his team to anyone interested in the home building experience."




Berkey Home Builders Altoona Des Moines Iowa New Construction

"We were a little nervous about building a new home after we had heard about bad experiences many of our friends had with their builders. When we met Eric we knew right away this was someone we would like to work with and we are so glad we did. Our experience with Berkey Home Builders exceeded our expectations. We ran into problems with selling our previous home and they were very understanding and patient with us. Our positive experience extended beyond the relationship. We truly feel we got more than our money’s worth with the quality of our home. We never get tired of hearing the compliments from family, friends, and guests. Not only would we recommend Berkey Home Builders to family and friends, but we already have on a number of occasions."


Andy and Nikki

Berkey Home Builders Altoona Des Moines Iowa New Construction

"When our family had simply outgrown our old house, we were told by all of our extended family and friends to avoid the building process. They said it would be a strain on our relationship and on our finances. Our experience with Berkey Home Builders was anything but stressful.


Eric listened to the features we desired in our home and kept the cost within our budget. Our feedback was constantly taken into consideration and we were part of each decision regarding the construction of our new home. 


We are pleased with our decision to build and even more thrilled with the building experience we encountered with Berkey Home Builders. To put is simply, our custom home is a Berkey Home Builders masterpiece!"



Bret and Jenny

Berkey Home Builders Altoona Des Moines Iowa New Construction

"We looked at quite a few homes and as soon as we went in the first Berkey built house we realized this was the builder we wanted.  We went and looked at 3 more homes he had built and we saw each house showed that detail work was far and above most contractors.  We then met with Eric and drew up plans for our house to be built.


At no time did I ever have to mention anything to Eric or his employees.  The people he had working on our house were all very well trained and very knowledgebale when asked questions. We both decided Berkey Home Builders didn't just build us a house but they had made us a wonderful home to live in.If you'd like to contact us to tell you about our experience and how happy we are, then ask Eric for our number or you could even stop by and look at our home.We're very proud of it and very thankful we picked Berkey Home Builders to build it." 


Myron & Marci

Berkey Home Builders Altoona Des Moines Iowa New Construction

"When I decided to sell my townhouse and build, I was a little nervous due to the soft real estate market and I knew that every dollar was going to matter as the equity on my old house would be slim. I knew I wanted to build in Altoona, and was happy to find Berkey Homebuilders. I toured several of their "in progress" homes with my real estate agent and saw the quality of the product right away. I also noticed a lot of things other homebuilders would consider an upgrade were standard with Berkey Homebuilders. After meeting with Eric, I felt very comfortable with getting the homebuilding process started. Due to so many quality options being standard (granite countertops, nice carpet, etc) I was able to afford several upgrades that I really enjoy (covered deck, 9" basement ceilings, etc). Eric is very down to earth and was easy to deal with throughout the entire homebuilding process.I have lived in my house for just under 2 years now, and still feel the same way. I am very happy with my choice to build with Berkey Homebuilders and would recommend them to anybody."



Berkey Home Builders Altoona Des Moines Iowa New Construction
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